BMJ Evidence Centre

BMJ Group is a global academic publisher providing a range of evidence-based medicine journals. BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) is the BMJ Group's flagship publication. The Group also offers many other products for physicians including BMJ Careers, BMJ Learning, Best Practice, and Clinical Evidence. The BMJ Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the British Medical Association and delivers the highest standard of medical information and resources to improve outcomes for patients and the provision of healthcare worldwide.

Part of the BMJ Group, The BMJ Evidence Centre’s clinical information specialists find, filter, appraise and summarise the best available research evidence. This is synthesised with expert opinion and guidelines to deliver practical, innovative tools and services that acknowledge the different needs of students, researchers, clinicians and patients.

Cochrane Collaboration UK

The Cochrane Library is a collection of databases in medicine and other healthcare specialties provided by the Cochrane Collaboration and other organisations. At its core is the collection of Cochrane Reviews, a database of systematic reviews and meta-analyses which summarize and interpret the results of medical research. The Cochrane Library aims to make the results of well-conducted controlled trials readily available and is a key resource in evidence-based medicine.

Trip Database

The TRIP Database is a free clinical search engine and its primary function is to help clinicians identify the best available evidence with which to answer this clinical questions. The core to TRIP’s system is the identification and incorporation of new evidence.

A site survey (September 2007) showed that the site is searched over 500,000 times per month, with 69% from health professionals and 31% from members of the public. Of the health professionals around 43% are doctors. Most users come from either the United Kingdom or the USA. In September 2008 the site was searched 1.4 million times.


Firstserv was a pioneer in the UK hosting industry, leveraging virtualisation technologies and efficiency drives in power reduction. They use low powered hardware with annual ‘Power Usage efficiency’ ratings of less than 1.5%. Their R&D and technical support is outstanding, providing us and our customers with stable and reliable platforms.

We use Firstserv servers because they have introduced a number of initiatives to ensure that their generated carbon footprint is mitigated and reduced, including services that are ‘offset’ by the World Land Trust and energy efficient hardware supplied by Dell.

Last updated 16th September 2010

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