CEBMi Team Members

Carl Heneghan

Carl Heneghan is a Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford, Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and a General Practitioner. He has had an association with the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine since 1995. He currently is a Walport Clinical Lecturer, having previously held a NCCRD Research Development Fellowship. 

His research portfolio includes cardiovascular disease, self-monitoring in chronic diseases, and determining the evidence base for treatment of infections. He is a co-applicant on the £3.5million NIHR funded centre for Monitoring and Diagnosis in Oxford (MADOX).  He works with the Oxford Vascular Study (OXVASC), a joint collaboration between the Departments of Clinical Neurology and Primary Health Care, and with the University of Birmingham on projects related to oral anticoagulation, the prevention of venous thrombosis and hypertension management, including self monitoring and tele-monitoring.

As a clinical epidemiologist Dr Heneghan has experience in systematic reviews, observational and quantitative methodologies: he collaborates with Dr Matthew Thompson on a number of diagnostic projects and infection related projects, including antiviral treatments of influenza and treatment of upper respiratory infections, and is Co-Director of the Oxford Diagnostic Horizon Scanning Centre, which provides an early warning system to identify high impact innovations in the field of diagnostic health technologies.  Dr Heneghan also collaborates with Dr Rafael Perera on methods for monitoring patients with chronic diseases, as well as better ways of teaching research methods and Evidence-Base Practice.

He has considerable experience in teaching evidence based medicine and critical appraisal to undergraduates, postgraduates and teachers of EBM practice and is an Msc Course module co-ordinator, tutor and supervisor for the Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford.. He has co-authored the EBM Toolkit (BMJ-Blackwell Publishing), the Statistics Toolkit (BMJ-Blackwell Publishing) and is lead editor for a commissioned series of BMJ-Blackwell Publishing toolkits.  
Dr Heneghan is currently a reviewer for the Department of Health, NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme review board and is a member of the Pharmaceutical Panel, is Resource review editor with the Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine and is on the Advisory Boards of the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC), the National Knowledge Decision Support Board and the BMJ Evidence Centre.

Al Pirrie

Dr Al Pirrie is a medical engineer and CEO of Cache Limited an IT production and development company of freelance IT experts and designers, specialising in medical, media and community e-businesses. With an engineering doctorate from Oxford University, he began his career developing novel drug delivery systems, including inhalers for asthma, systemic drug delivery and gene therapy. This work included combined electro-dynamic and fluid, numerical modeling, leading to a suite of patents on the application of electrostatics on liquids and bio-molecules.

His first company, Electrosols Limited, was bought out by the Battelle Memorial Institute in Ohio, USA, and his team collaborated with the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, the Institute of Molecular Medicine, The Oxford Radcliffe Dermatology Department, SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline), Pfizer and other international pharmaceutical companies on a range of novel drug delivery platforms.

Al supervised several collaborations with Oxford University and the John Radcliffe Hospital. Other ventures include the invention and development of Aerstream Technology, beneficiary of a DTI SMART Award, and distributors of allergy relief products now marketed under the brand name Cleanaer.

Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is a Family Physician who has trained and worked in both the United Kingdom and the USA.  He is currently an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University, USA, and a Senior Clinical Scientist in the Department of Primary Health Care at the Department of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford. He also works as a family doctor.

He is Co-Director of the Oxford Centre for Monitoring and Diagnosis (MaDOx) which is an NIHR funded research programme of primary and secondary research into more effective ways of monitoring chronic conditions and making diagnoses in primary care settings. He has a wide portfolio of research in the field of diagnosis, this includes research on diagnosing serious illnesses in children, better ways of using diagnostic technologies, point of care testing, and optimal use of prediction rules in primary care. Dr Thompson is actively involved in the diagnostic Horizon Scanning Centre at the University of Oxford, which is identifying new and emerging high-impact diagnostic technologies. In addition he is part of a recently funded initiative in the US to develop a horizon scanning system for the USA. He is also involved in evidence syntheses at the Oregon Evidence Based Practice Centre which primarily focuses on work for the US Preventive Services Task Force.

He also coordinates the ERNIE group, which is a collaborative research study between the Universities in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium which is finding earlier ways of recognising serious infections in children in primary care and emergency department settings. His other research interests include systematic reviews of therapies and diagnostics. He is Associate Editor of Family Practice, an Editorial Advisor for the BMJ, and an Editor with the Cochrane Collaboration Acute Respiratory Infections group. Matthew also participates in the clinical teaching of medical students, and evidence based medicine as part of the MSc in EBM as well as the postgraduate courses of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Steph Tait

Steph has a business background ranging from small start-ups to multinationals, (Telelogic, Macmillan), from obscure, unique products to house-hold brand names. Steph has managed in-house IT teams as well as used the internet to promote products to a wider audience, and this experience of ebusiness from 'both sides of the fence' will be invaluable, ensuring your business avoids the common pit-falls of marketing and trading online.

Last updated 17th September 2010

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